EDR Radius Map with Geo Check (R) Only With Limited Technical Review
EDR Radius Map with Geo Check (R) Only With Limited Technical Review
EDR Radius Map with Geo Check (R) Only With Limited Technical Review
EDR Radius Map with Geo Check (R) Only With Limited Technical Review
EDR Radius Map with Geo Check (R) Only With Limited Technical Review

EDR Radius Map with Geo Check (R) Only With Limited Technical Review

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EDR Radius Map with GeoCheck®

Building a Healthy Community Requires Knowledge and
Information: EDR Radius Map with GeoCheck®

The EDR Radius Map Report is a tool to search for environmental records on your property and the surrounding area. It is a critical first step in comprehensive environmental due diligence in real estate transfer, but also to understand the historic hazards in the community. More than 200,000 commercial real estate transactions rely on EDR’s Radius Map each year.

The EDR Radius Map Report searches thousands of environmental databases, including
hundreds of state, city, and tribal sources not searched by the competition. The report
highlights and provides technical information on the fuel storage tanks (residential and
larger petrochemicals) , landfills (old and active), chemical storage areas, pipelines, oil
and gas wells, transmission lines, Superfund sites, remedial sites, historic sites
(Automotive Stations, Dry Cleaners), Delisted National Clandestine Laboratory Register,
National Clandestine Laboratory, and known or suspected hazards. The EDR Radius Map Report is significantly more compressive than the Neighborhood Hazard with respect to report detail and information about an identified hazards including known PFAS related sites. Biosolids, asbestos, and other hazardous sites and activities , but the report includes information on drinking water well location and construction, regional radon level, topography, floodplains, national wetland inventories, geology, soils, regional radon levels, underground inject wells, and much more . The addition of the GeoCheck report includes vital information related to water wells, regional radon data, water well records, basic soils mapping data, and related hydrogeological data.

This product is only available for properties in the USA.

EDR Radius Map with GeoCheck® Benefits

  • Provides the existing or future homeowner a comprehensive information related to understanding the historic and potential hazards in their communities, plus provides direct information to fact-based information for environmental hazards that relate to having a healthy home and healthy community.

  • Home inspectors, environmental laboratories, and others professionals can use these reports to provide better recommendations related to on-site assessments, water testing, and environmental monitoring.

  • It aids real estate professionals, investors, and appraisers in evaluating the value of a home or residential property and provides more detailed disclosure of historic and current information.

  • If you are selling your home, what a great way to introduce your home and surrounding community to any potential buyers, and, as a home buyer, the Neighborhood Environmental Report helps provide peace of mind for you and your family.

  • For environmental groups, this is a great way to educate and inform your community about existing environmental hazards, develop local targeted sub- watershed monitoring programs, and educate children about their communities.

  • For water treatment and groundwater professionals, this report can provide fact-based information to better understand the likely types of contaminants in the groundwater, but also the distribution of these contaminants, and a comprehensive tool to gain information related to the construction of surrounding private and public water wells (within 0.5 miles) and potential exposure to other hazards like radon.

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